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-A camp is open at the very entrance of the village leading to the Wat Khao Jan Ngam, run by climber for climbers, this is by far the place I recommend because it helps keep developing the place and helps the local community.


-There is an Hotel (Motel) on the highway, it does not look so appelling from far but they actually have a pretty surrounding with garden. It might not be the nicest place to stay for long peridods but it is cheap (about 380 bath), with aircon and hotshower. It is one of the best option if you have no vehicules and intend to walk to the boulders. Just next to the hotel there are some shops selling food although they may not stay open late. It is located between the U-turn and the PTT gas station. They do not have a tel number for booking but they have many rooms and I assume very much it is never full.

Lat Bua Khao

There is a homestay called "Ban Suan Rim Than" with individual house, etc, starting at 500bath it is the other best option if you have to walk to the boulders. tel number 0866509071.


And another one located just before the weight station (after the green building) called ‘’Ban Noi Resort’’ Price is about 400/500 with aircon. There are some shops around to eat

Klong Phai

There is a guesthouse about 100m up way on the right side after you have taken the small road shown on picture 5.


Khao Yai Thieng

There are tons of guesthouse and homestay but we almost never see anyone so you have to drop by and ask them if they are open or not. If not they will send you to a place open.



Another good place is Green View at Sikhio. It is in the town near restaurants, street food vendors, shops, markets ,etc. It is 20 min away from the sectors around Wat Khao Jan Ngam and about 45min to Khao Yai Thieng. They have rooms from about 350baths to 400bath(big beds) or little house at 500 with double bed or little house with 2 double bed,  book in advance.

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