Sikhio/Sikhiu, Nakhon Ratchasima, North-East Thailand.

Sikhio has quite a big variety of style unfortunately slopers are few or maybe due to my weakness on this hand potion I haven't open many... Potential for high ball is definitely there but the balls to open them, the spotters and sufficient pads are not always present

Grades variety, not too bad, we haven't had super strong climbers to open insane hard stuff but we have at least a dozen of problem from V7 to V9 and some harder projects

The lanscape are also quite various, we have opened forests with shade for cooler temp, tick dry jungle for the adventurous and medows type of valleys.

Some french Bleausard trying "What was once lost" 7C  

This problem (What was once lost) had been tried by some "bleausard" but they could not make it, although they have made some first ascent that still wait to be repeated. Very much like Fontainebleau, Sikhio is located at a reasonable driving distance from the capital city and it is what will probably keep Sikhio developing, Secondly the rock is of very good quality, truly as good as Fontainebleau. The downsides of the place are: obviously the heat although like Krabi, Koh Tao and Chiang Mai you can always manage to climb at an enjoyable temperature by waking up early, climbing in the shade and obviously visiting during the cooler months of the year, November to February probably being the best period. Another problem we have, is due to little frequentation the bushes, and trees are growing fast that is the reason why we concentrate our efforts on developing 3 or 4 sectors.  

Visting Singaporeans toping out "Chrismas Mental Mantle 6a+" a good training for real high ball.

Credit Ploy Tomas

There is a facebook page here about climbing in Central and North-East Thailand were you can ask questions, advices, look for partners, buy (or rent) materials such as crash-pad, shoes, etc. The best places to stay is Jungle boulder but there are some other as well, check under accommodations and download the zip file, the google online map I made is a nice tool to see how the place looks. Prices for accommodation should be about 500 baths. Note that climbing there is still new, so, in order to give a good image of the climbers it would be best to behave politely, buy stuff from the local shops and leave no garbage behind. It is absolutely essential to bring with you a brush and a machete to clean the landings. have fun.     

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