All about climbing in north-east and central thailand.

Nam Pha Pa Yai Camp. One of the nicest place to go climbing in Thailand for those who like nature 

Rock Climbing in Chiang Mai CMRCA  (Crazy Horse) 

Pro climber at Bangkok. Probably the best Bouldering Gym in Thailand

Climbing at Chiang Dao, Sukhothai, Chiang Rai, and trekking around Northern Thailand Very nice and active 

Adventure in Koh Tao Topos, guides, crash-pads, shoes and chalk, diving and adventure. Have been very active in dealing with land owners (much of the boulders are on private land) and mapping topos they will have 4 new pads by spring 2013 (their old one were worn out) Pay them a visit anyway. They keep the place running, slack line in the late afternoon, best place to meet bouldering buddies

Other Crash-pads on Koh Tao (south) has a bouldering guide but is mostly a diving center and guesthouse. Seems very interested in developing bouldering on Koh Tao 2 good mad rock pads

New gym in Chiang Mai will have lead climbing wall, bouldering, etc. the managers are well trained with western standards.


Climbing in Lao 

I haven't been there personaly but I keep hearing good feedbacks

South East Asia travel agency

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